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Adester is the luxury fashion marketplace for new and preowned items that empowers buyers to get the designer fashion they desire.
We enable store owners and customers to sell what’s in their stores and closets and fund their next purchases and shopping session – All while enjoying huge savings off retail.


  • We are entrepreneurs.
  • We thrive on big ideas and smart solutions.
  • We challenge and celebrate each other.
  • We come from seller and buyer backgrounds.
  • We are passionate about you and your fashion
  • We are Adesters — and we’re excited to meet you.


  • We are building the fastest, trusted and seamless shopping destination
  • We aim to transforms the way we shop with seamless peer-to-peer commerce
  • We are creating a world where everybody can easily and instantly buy anything and sell anything they desire.


  • The Adester team works tirelessly to deliver a world-class shopping experience to buyers, while making listing, shipping, and payment simple for sellers.
  • Achieving our mission to make sale and resale as safe, simple, and stylish turning every online shopper into a seller, helping sale and resale scale for maximum impact.
  • Seamless peer-to-peer commerce, powered by cutting-edge technology, will help make this vision a reality.


  • Solidarity – All for one and one for all.

Foster collaboration, share knowledge, and go the extra mile to ensure that your teammates succeed. We’re in this together and have always got each other’s backs.

  • Honesty – Success without integrity is failure.

Be honest with yourself and others, have hard conversations when needed, and bring your moral compass everywhere you go.

  • Autonomy – Think for yourself and question authority.

When you see problems or opportunities, don’t be a bystander — be a hero. Every one of us is a shareholder and a business partner, authorized and expected to create solutions.

  • Results – Accept no excuses.

Find a way or make one. Time and resources will always be limited. We win because we get the job done anyway. Do it better, faster, and cheaper than anyone thinks is possible.

  • Excellence – Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Never compromise on quality. Don’t settle for anything short of your best work, and demand excellence from those around you as well.

  • Diversity – Innovation happens at the intersections.

We are better together. New ideas come from the combination of diverse perspectives. Bad decisions come from homogenous groups. Work to eliminate bias and be intentional about inclusion.

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